Wednesday, 17 February 2016
Soft Power Destinations Salon Doha 12-15th of March

in partnership with Lord Cultural Resources and the New York Times


Soft Power Destinations Salon 2016

Leading Cuture Destinations is proud to announce the 2016 Soft Power Destinations Salon, in partnership with Lord Cultural Resources and the New York Times. 

Soft Power is the exercise of influence through attraction, persuasion and agenda-setting, rather than military or economic coercion. Cultural organisations are at the nexus of learning and tourism, and are gaining traction as key drivers in the transformation of our habits of travel, consumption and even daily living.

And as the 21st century progresses, museums and cities are flexing their soft power muscles to address some of the most important issues of our time.

Soft Power Destinations is creating incentives for the cultural sector to collaborate with cities and tourism stakeholders to address the big challenges of the future such as migration and immigration, inter-cultural understanding, social and economic growth, and climate change.

Together with the world's largest cultural planning professional practice, Lord Cultural Resources, and the New York Times, the Soft Power Destinations Salon will invite experts from around the world to consider the ways in which culture, cities and tourism impact on each other against a background of climate change.

Leading Culture Destinations, at the centre of the initiative, will drive collaboration opportunities bewteen commercial and cultural destinations and those organisations developing tourism and the vitality of local communities.

Our vision for this scheme is to enable the stakeholders to become leaders in the development of the Soft Power agenda.

The Salon will take place at the Art of Tomorrow conference in Doha 12-15th of March. For discounted tickets please use the pass-code FLORIAN and click here